+$500 to Oakland Animal Services

In honor of the Golden State Warriors’ 2017 NBA Championship, and with the help of NBA Catwatch shirt sales, I donated $500 to Oakland Animal Services.

Thank you to everyone who bought a shirt in the past month, that’s where your money went. Thanks to Oakland Animal Services for being good people. And you’re welcome, Wanda.

A couple quick notes:

With the Warriors win, a team with a cat owner has won five of the last six NBA Championships – Miami 2012, Miami 2013, San Antonio 2014, Golden State 2015, Golden State 2017.

Sales from NBA Catwatch shirts have raised over $14,000 so far.

Working on new merch for Fall right now!

The cat is a symbol of winning: A conversation with Raise The Cat’s @GipperGrove

If you are in Philadelphia and see a cat in the air, don’t worry, it’s just because the 76ers won. With the (relative) resurgence of the 18-33 Sixers squad, Sixers fan Dennis Grove has been celebrating each win by hoisting his cat skyward, and the city has followed. Dennis is the creator of the movement #RAISETHECAT and he was nice enough to put his cat down and answer some of my questions about cats, how to raise them, and raising money (for cats.)



Was this the first usage of the hashtag?


How did you connect cats, raising them, and Sixers victories?

Ben Simmons has two Savannahs and they sit on his head and shoulder. I tried to do the same with my 20 pound cat (Izzy) and it didn’t work. I did promise Twitter that I would raise my cat when they won and I did it. The internet loved it!

How did your cat react to being raised initially?

Izzy is OK with it for the first 10 seconds but then she wishes to be put down. So I am working against the clock.

How has that changed in the recent winning streak? Is your cat getting tired of it?

Izzy is fine with it for the most part. I just have to raise her correctly. She watches the games with me so she is within reach.

Please give me tips for properly raising a cat.

First, I make sure she is on her feet. Cats don’t like when you reach under them while they are sitting. So I might get some cat food out so that she rises to her feet. Then I reach underneath and pick her up. At that point she seems pretty un-phased and that’s when I take the photo.

How has the social media / Philly reception been to your campaign?

The reception has been unreal. It’s amazing how many cat owners there are out there. Also, Twitter is the only place where this could take off. I feel like Instagram and Facebook wouldn’t receive it as warmly.

Philly twitter is the best and Sixers twitter is the best.

Describe what happened when you saw Ben Simmons raising his cats on Twitter.

I was beside myself. It felt like it was full circle. I started laughing and was just in total disbelief.

What percent of cats do you think like being raised?

Based on the photos, I would say about 40% of the cats enjoy it.

Could you please list your top 10 raised cats? I know how hard it is to pick between cats, but if you don’t mind trying I would appreciate this.

Sure! Here they are (10 is the best):











Why did you choose to give all the profits from RTC merch to PhillyPaws? Props on that BTW. Good Bless You.

Thanks! I decided that this would make the most sense since there’s an obvious double meaning (RAISE A CAT!) We have $3,000 and counting for Philly PAWS.

Any luck getting Stauskas to raise his cat? I believe it lives in Canada but he visits it I know.

Yes his cat is named Dribbles and I think one day, he will do it.

What’s the future of Raise The Cat? I don’t know if the playoffs are in sight this season, but in the future, will you raise more cats even higher somehow?

I think it can only grow more! The cat is a symbol of winning and they will be winning much more in the future.

Maybe climb a ladder?

Which Sixers (besides Stauskas and Simmons obvs) strike you as cat people?

I bet Dario would have a cat if he could.

Finally – can you help me find out the name of Ben Simmons’s second cat? I think it’s still a mystery and it’s driving me nuts.

I will try my best to find this out!

Follow Dennis on Twitter

Get the Raise The Cat 2 shirt here

NBA Catwatch merch has raised over $14,000 for animal shelters

Sales of NBA Catwatch shirts have raised $14,100 in donations for animals and shelters around the USA.

I’m super blessed / inspired by the amount of people who bought a shirt and the piles of money I have been able to send to our animal friends who need it the most.

On Christmas Day 2015 I donated $500 to each of the following shelters:

Anti-Cruelty Society [Chicago, IL]
Animal Haven [New York, NY]
Michigan Human Society [Detroit, MI]
Living Free [Mountain Center, CA]
Operation Kindness [Carrollton, TX]
Rural Animal Rescue Effort [Columbia, TN]
Wisconsin Humane Society [Milwaukee, WI]

And in Spring 2016, I made $500 donations to:

The Humane Society of Genesee County [Flint, MI]
Helping Homeless Felines [Falls Church, VA]
Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter [Baltimore, MD]
Oregon Human Society [Portland, OR]
Stray Rescue of St. Louis [St. Louis, MO]
Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation [St. Martinville, LA]

In Summer 2016 we raised $500 donations for:

Cleveland Animal Protective League [Cleveland, OH]
Northeast Animal Shelter [Salem, MA]
Utah Animal Adoption Center [Salt Lake City, UT]
Humane Society of Louisiana [New Orleans, LA]

In Fall 2016 I donated $500 each to:

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary [St. Pauls, NC]
Oasis for Animals [Langley, WA]

Limited edition NBA Catwatch Koozies raised $850 for:

Halo Animal Rescue [Phoenix, AZ]

And sales from the NBA Catwatch sock raised $1,250 for:

Feline, Rescue Inc. [Saint Paul, MN]

Then on Christmas Day 2016, I made $500 donations to:

Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends [Anchorage, AK]
Central California SPCA [Fresno, CA]
City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties [Washington, DC]
Friends of Rescue [Huntsville, AL]
Western Pennsylvania Humane Society [Pittsburgh, PA]

After a break to get my finances in order, I resumed sales this Spring and donated $500 to:

Oakland Animal Services

You can find the receipts on Twitter.

More shirts, and more donations to come in 2017.

Get one here.

+$500 to this woman, a hero to cats and people.

Just donated $500 from NBA Catwatch shirts to Oasis for Animals, a Washington-based animal shelter struck by a fire. Luckily for the cats, shelter owner Jean Favini is a hero.

From the South Whidbey Record’s article Rescue owner risks fire to save cats:

The cat rescue organization owner defied the warnings of a 911 official and charged into a smoke-filled office with a towel around her face to save her meowing dependents. She made several trips into the building, returning each time with armloads of cats.

“All I cared about was the cats, so I said there was no way I wasn’t going to get them from the office,” Favini said. “I had to make a decision, and I’m so thankful I did. I’m just sad I didn’t go in sooner.”

Really touched by this story, and all the support from people buying these goofy shirts (and koozies and socks) who help raise money to support our animal friends. You guys are the best.

It’s the NBA Catwatch Sock. It has emojis. Limited edition.

update: orders are closed right now. I’m holding onto 10 pairs until i make sure everyone who ordered for christmas receive their socks. once I do, I’ll sell the final socks. early January. email me if you’d like to get on the list to buy them.

The NBA Catwatch sock is here, and it’s a celebration of the NBA, cat emojis and warm, dry feet. This was the most requested new merch idea, so I learned a ton about sock production, teamed up with a USA-based sock company and came up with this design.

100% of profits from sales of these socks will be donated to Feline Rescue, Inc. of St. Paul, Minnesota. Should be about $5 per pair.

Socks come in two sizes: Men’s and Women’s.

Men’s sock fits: (Men’s shoe 6-12 / Women’s shoe 7-13)
Women’s sock fits: (Men’s shoe 3-9 / Women’s shoe 4-10)
I know the gender politics of socks is a little tricky.
I’m doing my best.

Please read this part:

  • Socks are $14 for a pair. I can do larger orders, email me.
  • Order by Dec 11th for Holiday delivery.
  • Email me if you have any questions: nbacatwatch at gmail.com

The NBA Catwatch Beer Koozie. For Sale October Only! #limited #exclusive

UPDATE: Orders Closed! We raised over $850 for HALO Animal Rescue! Thank you so much!

[It’s actually a bit more, I’ll make an additional donation in a week or so after seeing how packaging and shipping costs worked out.]

These limited edition koozies commemorate a Twitter exchange between NBA Catwatch and Phoenix Suns center Alan Williams in which the world learned the Suns big man is allergic to cats – but not to wishing chill vibes to all the cat lovers out there.

In the spirit of Williams’s message, NBA Catwatch is donating 100% of the profits from the koozies to HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix.

Please read this part:

  • Koozies are $10 for one, $18 for two. I can do larger orders, email me.
  • Available October 1 – October 31 only. That’s it. Limited time!
  • Order an NBA Catwatch shirt with your koozie and save $2.
  • International orders are bundled with a shirt because shipping is expensive.
  • Shirt profits go into the general NBA Catwatch donation fund.
  • Orders will be shipped in early November via USPS First Class.
  • Email me if you have any questions: nbacatwatch at gmail.com

Coming Soon: The NBA Catwatch Beer Koozie

Keep your Coke Zero or whatever else you’re drinking cold and support our animal friends at the same time.

NBA Catwatch is proud to announce (and still working on figuring out exactly how) to offer an exclusive, limited edition koozie available this October only.

img_2983img_2984The koozie commemorates a Twitter exchange between NBA Catwatch and NBA player Alan Williams, in which the Suns center expressed warm wishes and cool vibes to “all the cat lovers out there.”

In celebration of Alan’s Tweet (and the fact that he gave permission to let NBA Catwatch use it) 100% of the profits from sales of the koozie will be donated to HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona.

Check back on Saturday to order your koozie.


Minnesota Lynx C/PF Janel McCarville has so many cats: A WNBA CATWATCH exclusive.

Minnesota Lynx C/PF Janel McCarville lives on a farm with so many cats.

In this WNBA CATWATCH EXCLUSIVE interview, I sent questions to a helpful person from the Lynx front office and they asked Janel those questions and recorded her answers and sent me an mp4 and I transcribed them and posted them here.

I saw you gently stroking a two week old kitten’s paw on Instagram. That’s not a question, just letting you know how jealous I am!

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.45.06 PM

How many cats do you currently have on the farm? I kept scrolling through your Instagram and finding more and more. 6? 7? 8? Can you tell me their names?

We originally started out with one, and that cat’s name was Stoli. And Stoli had babies – [one of] the cats you saw me stroking it’s lil paw.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.46.26 PM

And I do remember the names, for the most part, if was fun stuff – one was Pumpkin, one was Cookie. I forget them now, it’s been a while… They all have names though.

What’s the most cats you’ve owned at one time?


Are they all barn cats, or do you let them inside ever?

Stoli was an inside cat, but she wanted to get outside one day – and came back two weeks later with babies in her belly. And those are barn cats.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.44.12 PM

When you return from a long trip away, are you greeted by a casual indifference from your cats like most people?

They have other people there that love them and show them affection, so they’re not too angry with me. But I’m gone for such long times that they probably don’t even know who I am anymore.


Coach Cheryl Reeve is on record as hating cats. You think there’s hope for her to change her mind?

No, usually if Coach has made up her mind about something it stays that way.

Finally, the IRL lynx – cutest paws in the animal kingdom?


I’d have to say yeah. They’re big, fluffy – you don’t really see the Death Talons until they need to be seen. Yeah, they’re cute until they don’t need to be cute no more.

And then you know what a Lynx does.










Janel is currently (probably) the WNBA leader in cats, with eight owned at one time.