The NBA CATWATCH Regulation Brim Cap

NBA Catwatch merchandise has raised over $20,000 for animal shelters so far – but success isn’t going to my head. It’s going to yours.

Introducing the NBA CATWATCH Regulation Brim Cap.  Mesh + Foam + Philanthropy. A trucker cap perfect for driving to the rim, or taking the bus to the rim, or walking – whatever your transportation situation. That’s not super important.

What is super important is that 100% of the profits from this cap will be donated to animal shelters and rescue organizations across the USA. Stay tuned because I’ll be announced exactly how those donations will be decided during the NBA Playoffs!

Bold colors, lightweight design and a ton of money (figuratively) dropped on the heads of our animal friends in need.

The Caps

  • Caps are $20 / USA and $35 / International – shipping included.
  • Otto 32-468A model. Should fit almost all heads.
  • Each cap should raise $8 – $10 after costs (stock/printing/shipping)
  • I’ve added the option to give a bit more, that goes straight to donations.
  • Taking orders now – NBA Finals. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.