NBA Catwatch shirts have raised $3,500 for animal shelters


As of Christmas Eve 2015, these goofy shirts that I’ve been selling with a cat instead of Jerry West on the NBA logo have raised $3,500 for animal shelters.

I’m inspired by the amount of people who bought a shirt and the pile of money I was able to send to our animal friends who need it the most.

I donated $500 to each of the following shelters:
Anti-Cruelty Society [Chicago, IL]
Animal Haven [New York, NY]
Michigan Human Society [Detroit, MI]
Living Free [Mountain Center, CA]
Operation Kindness [Carrollton, TX]
Rural Animal Rescue Effort [Columbia, TN]
Wisconsin Humane Society [Milwaukee, WI]

You can find the receipts on Twitter.

More shirts, and more donations to come in 2016!

Get one here.

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