Hunter is not KAT’s cat, but young KAT had a cat.


You might have seen / flooded my mentions with this video of Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns spending time with this lil guy:

It’s not the first time KAT has been seen holding a cat, judging by this still image from a Jumbotron video I spent a week tweet-bugging different members of the Minnesota Timberwolves PR staff about releasing, which they did:


But the recent globetrotting KAT/cat video, published to raise support for Towns’s NBA All-Star campaign, does refer to “KAT and his cat,” prompting readers to question whether that is KAT’s cat.

That is not KAT’s cat.

Karl-Anthony-Towns-Holding-His-CatThat cat is named Hunter, and belongs to a staff member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, according to a team source (feels so good to type that phrase!) who also disclosed previously unknown (to me at least) information about Towns’s cat ownership status – “Karl does not currently have a cat, but he did growing up…”

Karl-Athony Towns had a cat growing up!

This explains KAT’s comfort holding Hunter (and the still-unnamed Jumbotron kitten) – notice those giant, yet supportive hands, and the way he holds still-unnamed Jumobotron kitten to his cheek with a sense of familiarity and intimacy.

Karl-Anthony Towns is a cat person. He knows his way around cats.

Points of Further Investigation:

  • What was the name of KAT’s childhood cat?
  • Was it cute? Yes it was because all cats are cute.
  • Will KAT get a cat of his very own some day?